Actual Knitting Content!

I have been knitting a LITTLE bit.

I can't tell you about this, other than that it's about 15" long and is obviously Christmas-oriented.

Wrist warmers for Mom. Her arthritis is really bad. These will go from about 3" below the wrist to her knuckles, with a fitted thumb. Debbie Bliss Baby Cahsmerino. MMMMMM.

Several projects are in the wings, panting to be cast on. Probably a pair of socks for me, either Birch (though I'd have to buy yarn) or River (have yarn). I still haven't ripped out the hourglass sweater. I might carry on with that- though I am still worried aboout the shrinking length.

You can definitely expect another massive period of productivity/startitis during finals. Helps me manage my stress! Better than doing drugs!


Amber said...

Jenny, I found you! j/k. This is Amber from the 3L class and your former Advocacy tutor. A friend of my sister's reads your blog and my sis told me about it.

Also you are working at "The Firm" next summer? Right? I'll be working there after the bar. This is so crazy! I worked there this past summer if you have any questions about it.

Good luck with your ETP trial.

Tiffany said...

The 15" thing that you can't tell us about sure is pretty!

jen said...

Ha! I am the friend of the sister! I go to Stitch n' Bitch in West Hollywood with Gwen, Amber's sister! how weird is that?!

The Christmas item is very cute! I have guesses as to what it might be.

jen said...

And also, in case Gwen reads this -- I think of her as a friend and not just someone I happen to attend an SnB with.