It's Official!!!

I've accepted a summer job. WOOOHOOOOOOO! It feels really good to have that handled. I'm going to be working for THESE people (the law firm with the sense of humor) and I am THRILLED.

I start May 30, which gives me quite a while between my last final and starting work. A great friend is getting married in Austin on May 20 and I'm in the wedding, so I think I'll have a lovely Texas break!

I am SO relieved that this is done.

OH YEAH- I also spent this morning writing some posts, so I'll be around more than expected over the next week. Blogging is WAY MORE FUN than law review. Just sayin.


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The Frog said...

That is so great. Congradulations!

jen said...

Congratulations! Must be such a relief to have it settled!