Fall Weather

The trees here are changing colors, despite the freakishly warm weather we're having. Where is fall? Cold? Crisp? Not here. It was actually muggy on Thursday evening. Whattup with that?!?!

I'm in holiday knitting mode, and can't share two projects because the recipients will probably know exactly what the items are and therefore who they're intended for. Sorry! Not real exciting around here. But I'll have at least one really cool thing to show you on December 26!!!

I'm working on fair isle again. Going pretty well. Still pulling the stranded yarn a little too tight, but it's getting better. I'm using Dale of Norway Heilo yarn. I can totally see how a steek would hold together out of this yarn- it's like velcro. This yarn has a very different texture than the Brown Sheep Sport Weight I used on Mom's mittens- the Dale is much more Norweigian and rustic, thicker even though they're the same gauge, and a rougher texture, but still really pleasant to work with.

Finally found a copy of Rowan 36, the issue with Birch. I bought it because there's a super cute polka dot sweater made of 4-ply yarn, which I have a TON of. But... intarsia polka dots? Notsosure.

Nothing else to report- will hopefully get some pics of the gorgeous trees along Montano to share- bright yellow and gold. Really spectacular. I've been feeling under the weather- sore throat and sorta snuffly- but not rising to the level of being sick. It's ANNOYING.

Oh yeah- if anyone wants to buy a 1999 Lexus RX300 SUV with 125K miles, lemme know. It's white, fully loaded, gorgeous.

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