Knit Knit Knit Con law Knit

Saturday was absolutely gorgeous. Meg and Rebecca and I met up at the Zoo for a little al fresco knitting. It was perfect! We'll have to do it again with more notice so more people can join us. It was cool.

I started another scarf- have I told you this already? I'm using the Textiles A Manos painted Xian I got over the summer to make the Misty Garden scarf from Scarf Style. I like this pattern- basic feather and fan- because every 4th row is knitted instead of purled- just enough garter to make the scarf lie flat, unlike the chevron scarf in Last Minute Knitted Gifts. And the yarn is gorgeous. Yeah, yeah, pictures. If I ever get home before dark, I'll take some.

There are some nifty new knitalongs.... I'm thinking of joining Stashbusters, since I am drowning in yarn. And there's an International Scarf Exchange that looks kinda cool. I've realized that my knitting time is too unpredictable for me to really commit to making something for someone else on a deadline, so I will probably pass. But it looks cool!

Did I mention that my SockaPalTwoZa pal, Danielle, owns Knitique, a yarn boutique in Sacramento? HOW COOL IS THAT?!?!? If anyone is in the area, stop by, spend some money, and tell her I said hello!!! I should get my hiney to CA to visit my brother in Pasadena, a college girlfriend in LA, and Danielle in Sacramento!

It must be time for bed because I'm using so many freaking exclamation points!!!!! Goodnight!

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