a new obsession

i love my new ipod nano! it's all i can think about! deep thoughts that have occurred since opening the package (in no particular order):

  • it's so small! so sleek!
  • i should knit it a cozy! (done- it's so small! went so fast!)
  • my music sounds so much better on shuffle!
  • i need to buy more cds.
  • i need to figure out how to read con law and listen to they might be giants at the same time (songs with words and cases with words don't work so well for me...)
  • i wish i could give c a big thank you smackeroo!
  • i've wasted an entire evening of homework time farting around with my new shiny toy and will therefore be totally unprepared for tomorrow's con law class. YAY!
  • i should learn more about podcasts. so i can listen to them in all my vast amount of free time. yeah.
  • holy crap, i didn't know i had that madonna album. yikes.
  • i'm going to have to be careful to ensure that i don't sing along outloud while listening, especially at work or in the library. that would be, like, really embarrassing and stuff. it's bad enough that i do it in the car. and i'm loud. must work on using my inside voice while accompanying barenaked ladies....

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