WIPs and my Halloween Costume

Finally- Pictures!

Here's the Misty Garden scarf in progress from Scarf Style-

The colors are pretty accurate- it's not as lavendary as I originally thought, which is a good thing. I like the bright orangey pink thing. Wish there was a bit more red, but oh well!

And the first finished Flora:

This one turned out really well. The flower is too floppy (my fault- knit it too loose). I've got a couple ideas on how to make it work. The yellow flower button is temporary- Mom wants something off white- but you get the idea. This is a great pattern.

Other than that, nothing to report. Today is going to be a long day- school, work, school, work, happy hour/goodbye party for a coworker moving to Vermont, then a memorial service for a classmate who passed away last week.

Oh yeah, almost forgot. The Law School Halloween party was last weekend, and it was a blast. My favorite costumes were Law School Barbie and Cruella DeVille. I went as Miss Texas- worked my accent to the max- and had a really good time. Meg, this is for you:


Beverly said...

I love how the scarf is turning out--really pretty. Your costume is TOO FUNNY!!

Anonymous said...

WOW, Lady. You sure are something in that get up! Can't stop laughing!