Major Enabling Going On

Meg and I had a yarny expedition today- we met up for Dim Sum at Ming Dynasty (pretty good, but not Amerasia!) and then headed east to Good Fibrations in the east mountains.

Since I'm a big dork, I got a picture of Meg taking the above picture from a different angle- simublogging!!!

Nice little yarn shop! Colors were a bit weird, and there just wasn't much that screamed "YOU MUST HAVE ME NOW!!!!!" Never the less, I brought home this:

Half a pound of gorgeous pima cotton slub yarn. It's soooooooooooooooooooo soft. And was only $12. Not bad.

Good thing I was somewhat frugal, because I think my Helga* is dead. I had been sticking up for her when others were critical because she had never stranded me before. But today, she turned on me. Fortunatly Meg stayed around and was able to give me a ride home. THANKS, BABE! Helga, the traitor, stalled out and just couldn't get her diesel purr back. I'd show you a picture of Helga, but she's stranded in Four Hills right now and will be visiting my mechanic tomorrow.

Helga and I have had a troubled relationship- I was, shall we say, abusive when we first met, but I tried to make it up to her by purchasing every thing she needed- over $15,000 worth of work all told (over half of that was insurance when someone rear ended Helga and pushed her in to the car in front of us). And this is how she repays me! I give, and give, and give.... I'm at the point now where, if it costs more than $500 to fix, I'm not doing it. I will say goodbye to Helga and start a new life with something more appropriate for a student- I've got my eye on Lola- a Corolla. I think we can be very happy together....

*Helga is my 1984 dark silver Mercedes turbo station wagon with only 247,000 miles. I thought "Helga" implied old, large, grey, and German- a perfect name for an (im)perfect car?

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strangelittlemama said...

oooh!! Where is Edgewood? I just mobed to Abq & I'm missing the zillion LYSs in my prior town.