This is one of those random rambling posts.... Some law, some knitting, some other stuff.

My Mom just got back from Seattle, where she attended the settlement hearing for a class action law suit against Voicestream Wireless-their bad customer service and crappy billing systems cost her a lot of money and a lot of business. Anyway, she was really interested in the whole process. Her primary observation is that the underlying story is totally lost in the law- no one cares that the parties are in court because a realtor in New Mexico had to pay double or triple her contract price because Voicestream had trouble with billing.... The only thing that was raised by the lawyers was the fact that the contract included an arbitration clause. No one cares about the people, the story, or the alleged wrong- it's all technicalities.

I really want to keep the human side of my case load front and center when I'm practicing law. I know that will be difficult when I'm knee deep in technicalities with opposing counsel, but my clients should know that I care about the underlying reasons why they wanted an attorney in the first place.

Idealistic blathering, but there it is.

KNITTING! I am never going to finish Orangina. 6 inches of ribbing (approximately 54 rows), 260 stitches in each row, on size 2 needles. That's in the neighborhood of 14,400 stitches. Yeah. I might poke my eye out first.

I'm worried that the top is going to be all slouchy instead of nice and boat-necky, which is sapping my will to continue. I guess I'll keep plugging along and hopefully it will all work out.


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