YAY, Spinning! I am addicted!!! I spent just a few minutes tonight practicing what Meg taught me at knit night last night (check out the pictures that HedgeBlog took!)

Anyway, I'm hooked. My stuff actually kinda sorta looks like yarn! This is what I was making when I first got the spindle and roving: Crap.

And now, it's yarn... Crap on top, yarn on bottom.

Here's my colored roving. It's all wool. The blue is pencil roving that I bought from eBay seller SplitRockRanch after reading THIS post:

And I have the really good 80% llama and 20% silk, but it's over at my Mom's house. It's just off white- not very exciting to look at right now, but should make spectacular yarn. When I'm ready.

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