Are flowers appropriate?

My Dearest, Sweetest Helga,

I am so sorry to have slandered your name all over the internet yesterday. I have just discovered that your ailment was caused by my neglect of the level of gas in your tank. Please accept my most humble apology and rest assured that I will not be so careless in the future. In my defense, you have apparently decided recently that you will become empty when your gauge reads 1/8 tank, you gave me over 75 fewer miles than a normal tank, and I am saddened that you didn't communicate your needs by flashing an empty light.

I remain your faithful and humble servant,

Embarrassed Goofball.

(Editor's note: anybody wanna buy an apparently mechanically sound car? first $3500 takes it.)
(By the way, I am horrified at how stupid this whole thing is. I have never run out of gas before and I feel so dumb for yesterday's post. DOH!!!!!)

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