YAY! Knitting!

I had some great knitting time in the car this weekend. I am *almost* done with Orangina. I would have finished it but I underestimated my knitting time and thought I'd been fine with the half a ball I had attached to the project- not so! I have about 3 inches of ribbing left to go.

Also started my SOCKAPAL2ZA SOCK! WHEEE! I really like it! The bf laughed at me because I spent the first several rows going, "something's wrong... something's wrong... it's not spiraling!!!!" Wrongo! I was expecting some kind of ribbing, but it's a very clever YO and K2Tog Combo. The yarn is thematically perfect for the mermaid sock- soothing blues and greens- but is a wee bit splitty for all the K2togs on size 1 needles. Oh well. I like the result! I hope my pal does, too!

I'm house-sitting, AGAIN. For the fabulously easy dog who lives 2 doors down from me. Poor guy had surgery to remove a growth on his chest last week and he's stuck in the dreaded cone until it's all healed. Isn't he pathetic in that oh so adorable cone head doggy kind of way???


Anonymous said...

Hope you brought your drop spindle, cause I brought mine!

poor cone head doggie!


Stephanie said...

Where did you find the pattern for your mermaid sock? It looks like it might be perfect for my Lorna's Laces!