Knitting Book Haul

I may have mentioned that I got some knitting books recently.

I splurged on eBay and treated myself to a copy of <Alice Starmore's Book of Fair Isle Knitting. Wow. This is going to take some time to digest. There's fabulous, fabulous material in here- history, motifs, charts, how to choose color, and several patterns. I'm so excited!!!!!

Since I'm recently obsessed with fair isle, I also bought Nanette Blanchard's book called Stranded Color Knitting. This is a great primer on how to work with more than one color. I can see myself relying on this as a quick and dirty reference as I learn more about stranded knitting. A bonus is that all proceeds go to charity- Four Corners Bunnies. How CUTE!!!!

When Mom was in Seattle a couple weeks ago, she brought me a copy of Traditional Scandinavian Knitting. This is another really dense book. It contains lots of background on the development of various knitting techniques including two-ended knitting, two color fair isle, and information about the patterns and motifs that appear in pieces from the area surrounding the Baltic. There are charts, too, which is pretty cool.

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