Desperate Times...

So. It has come to this.

Meg and I discussed the possibility of a yarn diet last night. We both acknowledge that yarn accumulation has maybe gotten a little higher recently. (Speaking of which- yesterday was a very good mail day, if you know what I mean- I promise to post pictures of everything that has arrived at my house in the last week. Hehehe. It's a wee bit obscene, actually.)

To be PERFECTLY honest, the only reason I'm considering a yarn diet is so that I can go HOG FREAKING WILD at the Taos Wool Festival in October. I'll be a broke student by then and I should save my pennies now. Fat chance, but it's a nice thought.

Meg gave me a spinning tutorial last night and I feel like I improved 10 fold in the few minutes we worked together. Now, that's not saying much at all, but I think I'm hooked. Pictures eventually, I promise.

Now, I get to spend all day trying to understand the Petroleum Marketing Practices Act. WOOHOO! Good times.


Anonymous said...

What is better - to be good now and go hog freakin' wild in October, or just accumulate yarn at a steady pace....

....doesn't just even out in the end?

ok, now I am rationalizing. not a good sign.



littlehedgehog said...