Fiber Arts FIESTA!

So Nepenthe and I hit the Fiber Arts Fiesta today. It's no Maryland, I can tell you that much! Alas and alack, it's all we have here right now. Vendors were mixed- yarn, spinning supplies, quilting, beading (beading is fiber? who knew!) silk painting, weaving, general sewing... Lots of stuff was really tacky, but lots was absolutely fabulous. Nepenthe is going to be posting pictures- watch her blog!

I am so psyched for Taos Wool Festival in October!!!!!

My favorites from the Fiesta:
Black Water Abbey Yarns.
Gorgeous traditional Irish yarns, perfect for a cabley goodness sweater. The colors were spectacular- especially Moss, Wine, and Bluestock.

TextilesA Mano doesn't have a website, and that's a shame. Gorgeous hand-dyed yarns in really fab colors. Nepenthe bought approximately 500 yards of scrumptious superwash merino(?) for a baby gift. Lucky baby!

UPDATE: Fellow Albuqeurque Knit Blogger Little HedgeHog found their website: Textilesamano.com

Lezlie King had some absolutely stunning natural dyed yarn. Her deep olive green was spectacular. Her colors were so rich, and apparently the natural dyes she uses create colors that last forever....

I could get in to some serious trouble, but I'm broke! May treat myself to something on Saturday (oh yeah- we bought 2 day passes- WOOT!) anyway. I get my first law job paycheck on Tuesday, after the long weekend. YAY!!!!!!

And I thought this was hysterical, but that's probably just becuase I've spent all of this week on random, esoteric procedural questions:
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littlehedgehog said...

Manos definitely blew my budget. But I finally got yarn to make SOCKS and some of that nice nubby soft cotton, I think I have enough to make Mariposa from knitty!

I found their website! http://textilesamano.com/