You know you're a grown up when....

You know you're a grown up when sleeping in until 7:45 on Sunday morning feels like an unspeakable luxury. Which it did this morning.

I have had a really mellow weekend so far, and today looks to be more of the same. Yesterday I knit and watched lots of crappy TV. I keep screwing up Orangina- I've had to unkint more rows than I've knit. The most recent mistake happened 3 rows ago and I'm trying to decide if I need to tink back AGAIN. I also turned the heel on my brother's birthday socks- Lorna's Laces in camoflage and the Fluted Bannister pattern from the Six Sox Knitalong. This is the same pattern as the socks I made for the BF for Christmas. Great pattern. I just realized that I don't think I ever posted a finished picture of my Making Waves socks... They turned out great- LOVE them.
I also got up to the armholes on my Ice cardigan. Knitting both fronts at the same time makes shaping way easier- I can actually see which side is the left front and which is the right so I don't end up with two left fronts...

Mom and I went to see the NM Symphony concert at the Zoo last night- it was a great concert. I'm impressed by all the community events like this around Albuquerque. In addition to Symphony Under the Stars, there's Jazz Under the Stars and Salsa Under the Stars. Someone needs to work on the variety of names for these programs, but they're a great way to get out in our gorgeous, cool evening weather and enjoy good music.

I'm actually looking forward to this week at work. I'm doing some fascinating projects- last week I worked on a huge variety of things that had me digging through City Ordinances, NM Administrative Code, state and federal cases, the US Constitution, state and Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, and the NM Tort Claims Act. I like the variety, but I think I'm ready for some feedback on my work last week- verification that I'm going in the right direction, or course correction so I can better focus my efforts. The total lack of feedback is killing me, but it always does!

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