I love knitters. But I am NOT CUTE.

Laurie over at Crazy Aunt Purl has perfectly summed up what I love about fibery friends- fabulous, interesting people (yes, mostly women) getting together and hanging out. No bar scene, no trying to pick anyone up, plus there's knitting! It's just so freakin cool to meet such neat people. And there's the desire/need to bond with other women. I went to an all women's college (as did Nepenthe, so nice that she GETS that part of me) and I really, truly value my friendships with other women. It's important to me. Any time I move to a new city I don't worry about: are there cute boys? what's the weather like? where do people hang out? I worry about building a new circle of girlfriends.

I had a great Friday night. A girlfriend from law school had some girls over for a girly night. It was great to just hang out and nibble and relax. Made me homesick for my homegirls in Austin. We had a monthly girls' night that was always just wonderful. I hear it's breaking up now- the group has splintered- and it makes me sad.

This was a way estrogen Friday the 13th, now that I think about it... I started the day interviewing to be a Mary Kay Lady. Which I am SO NOT GOING TO DO. A family friend is a new Mary Kay lady and has getting pressure from her sales director to recruit new people, so I agreed to interview but made it very clear to the friend that I am so not interested. The director lady kept telling me how CUTE I am. Uh, NO ONE has called me cute since I was, oh, four years old. I'm too tall to be cute. I'm not cute. It was annoying. Anyway, I'm supposed to do the "pink pillow test" (sleep on it, for those of us who aren't in the cult of Mary Kay) and she's going to call this weekend to see what I think.

The main reason I wouldn't sell Mary Kay (or Pampered Chef or Tupperware or insert-pyramid-scheme-of-choice-here) is that I like my friends. I don't want them to look at their caller ID and go, "Is that Jenny my friend or Jenny my Mary Kay lady? I'll let the answering machine find out." Ya know?

No offense to any Mary Kay or Pampered Chef or whatever people out there- these are great businesses that really empower women. It's just so not me. You know, I'm just not cute.

Hmmmm. Now if KOIGU started a home-based sales business, I might be interested. Except that I'd keep it all for myself. Mwa ha ha haaaaaaa.

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