Jen and Laurie, commenters- I didn't get your e-mail address and can't respond!!! Thanks so much for saying hi!!! I hope you come back!

Jen, my favorite legal blogs are, in quasi order....
Sherry Fowler's Stay of Execution. She's not technically an attorney any more, but I still love her blog. She has amazing insights about the profession, legal education, life in general. A great read!

Buffalo Wings & Vodka. Very, very funny guy. Editor in Chief of the UTexas Law Review. Smart, and a great sense of humor.

Jeremy's Weblog. Jeremy has just graduated (?) from Harvard Law and has decided not to go into BigLaw practice. He is very funny, but also has great insights into how legal education and the practice of law can be improved.

Illinois Trial Practice Weblog and Legal Underground. Evan Schaeffer has two blogs. The Trial Practice Blog is more practice oriented, and the other is a little less focused, but equally interesting.

So those are a few. A lot of the blogs I subscribe to don't post very often, and some post 10+ short snippets every day. I rarely read everything all the way through, but I do read the above blogs every time they post.

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jen said...

Thanks! These are great. And from looking at BW&V's comments, it looks like there are 80 kajillion law students with blogs out there!

Hope you're feeling better rested and that work comes out on the brilliance side of things today!