First off, N found her wedding dress!!!!! I'm glad I was there for it, though honestly I did nothing except show up and eat dim sum. She looks maaahvelous, it's totally unconventional and, most importantly, it's totally her. I hope I have the same grace and style to do my own fabulous thing when it's my turn to go through the horror that is finding a wedding dress!

Ok, I subscribe to waaaaay to many blogs. I use Bloglines to aggregate them all in one place so I don't have to actually visit all 308 sites (YIKES! I DO read a lot of blogs! I'm not making that number up!!!!) Anyway, now that I'm only checking once a day I get home and have 75 legal blogs, 30 cooking blogs, and 80 knitting blogs to read every night. Yikes.

Anyway, I'm going to enable you to be overwhelmed like meby sharing some links.

First, see N above. Most of you know about her already (I know you come to my site from hers!!!) but if you don't, check it out.

The Manolo is Super Fantastic! Seriously, if you love shoes (and who doesn't) this blog is great, and the Manolo, he has the impeccable sense of the humor.

Sunday Undies, law school with a twist. This friend of Crazy Aunt Purl is hilarious. I wish I was half this funny, especially about law school.

Knit and Tonic is great. She's gorgeous and a yarn ho. Great photos, too. I want to be just like her when I grow up!

Sherry Fowler is amazing. She's a bankrupcy attorney/sailor in Maine who makes me want to move to Maine to be a sailor/bankcrupcy attorney. She has a really fabulous voice and I love her open, creative ways.

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jen said...

Thanks for linking to me! I'm excited to find another law student blogging out there! But you read 75 legal blogs, eh? You are much more in touch with the legal blogging world than I am. By which I mean I didn't even realize there were a lot of legal blogs. What are some of your favorites?