House Bound and Loving It.

How can I resist? Moth Heaven is hosting a "house-bound Blogeuse" festival for those of use who aren't at MDSW this weekend. Since I have nothing better to do than study, I'm SO IN!

Speaking of which, here's my "desk": kitchen table covered in study related crap. Ah, the joys of Civil Procedure!

No pictures of me today, as my hair is a bit too "saturday before last final of first year in law school." Maybe next time.

Collum, the NICE cat, is sleeping in the unmade bed:

Noor, the BAD cat, has stollen my koigu (complete with sock attached) THREE TIMES NOW. Good thing I know she takes it directly under the bed. Here's the completed sock and the poor victimized in progress sock:

I'd much rather be working on the sock than studying CP, but such is life. Maybe if I'm a good girl...

Other Works In Progress:

Ice, from Rowan 27. Scroll down... I'm actually making the cardigan version, not the Tneck as shown.


Orangina! What a GREAT pattern. The lace repeat is really easy to memorize and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the way its turning out. WHEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

AND, the ripping is DONE!

I ripped off all the floppy bands last night and am about to start reconscruction. Biker jacket no more.

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