First Day of Work and a Preppy Baby Sweater

UPDATE: I had written a little bit about work but somehow that disappeared before posting... Sorry about that.

Anyway, today was the first day of my first ever REAL law job! I think I'm going to learn a LOT this summer. Today was filled with alternating waves of "Crap, I don't know anything" and "Hey, maybe I know something"! Everyone is so nice and so mellow. I think I'm the loudest person in the firm- must work on that.

In knitting news, I took a few photos before my brother left the couuntry with my camera...

This is a baby sweater for my niece, due any day. The Mama is totally obsessed with pink and green, so I thought this was a great color combo! The pattern is basically the Yarn Harlot's pattern Daisy from Knitty with plenty of mods. I left off all the trim as I was knitting, then picked up stitches all the way around and improvised a ruffle. Note: I WILL NEVER EVER KNIT ANOTHER RUFFLE IN COTTON. EVER. It was murder, but it turned out pretty cute.

Yarn was Rowan Cotton DK, which I lurve. Except for the ruffle part. Bad, bad ruffle. The cotton yarn had very little give, and trying to do that many increases in that little space with no give whatsoever was a pain in the keister. You've been warned.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Girl! Glad your first day went well - I was thinking of you.

And that sweater is just too damn cute. (but not you, hon, not you!)