Better Day

So I feel like I'm getting the hang of this. Today was a better day.

And tonight is a better night because TOMORROW IS FRIDAY. I forgot this part of working- you actually get weekends off! No nagging "hey, I should be studying..." feelings. WHEEEEEEEEEEE! Knitting weekend!

I've gotten just a couple rows in this week, nothing worth showing which is good, since my camera is in Costa Rica. And is hopefully not lost or stolen or dropped in a rainforest mountain lake...

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laurie said...

Oh! I am so glad I found your blog. Your thing you wrote about moving to a new city and looking for a circle of women friends? that's me too!!

And you're right -- you're not incompetent. I think school and job hunting just wear you down with all the competition and feeling judged and scored and graded. You are most competent :)