Housesitting at the Casa de Tee Tee

So, I'm spending May and June housesitting for some friends. It's a big house out in Corrales, which is nice. But there are 4 animals and each has its own unique set of problems. Yes, they are all adorable, cute, and fuzzy.

One of the dogs is 16 years old. The owners assured me in January that the dog was so old it would die before they left town, but she's still kicking! They left me an advance directive of sorts authorizing both me and the vet to put the dog down, should need be, and they pre-dug a grave in the backyard. Please, Lord, don't let her die on my watch.
This is a sweet, sweet dog, but she has some... incontinence issues. Poor baby is also deaf, and she makes the weirdest mourning sea cow noises when she wants to go in or out.

The other dog is a sweetie pie. She's 2 and HYPER! HYPER! HYPER!

One of the cats is typical cat- allof unless he wants something, nothing like my Scooter who will do anything for attention all the time. (NOTE: Scooter is at my Mom's house, where he is doing VERY WELL. I miss him terribly. But with the second cat in this house... Scooter will stay at Mom's house.)

The other cat is... picky. If ALL THREE of her litter boxes are not in pristine condition, she pees all over the couch to show her displeasure. I've been here a week and so far there are no cat pee issues- KNOCK ON WOOD- but we'll see how long my good luck lasts!

Anyway, the house has a spectacular view of the mountains from large picture windows in the bedroom, kitchen/dining room, and living room. It more than makes up for the pee pee issues. Don't believe me? Check out the view for yourself:

I love our hot pink mountains. Sunset is such a beautiful time of day here!

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