So I'm knitting the Sunrise Circle Jacket (warning-PDF!!!!) from Interweave, Spring 2006. I really like it so far- hopefully it'll turn out well.

The back is done, and so far the sizing is spot on, even though I couldn't get gauge with the Cascade 220.

I had almost finished the left sleeve- knit from wrist to shoulder- when I realized that I had cast on for the smallest size, not the largest (which, naturally, is the size I'm knitting.)

AAAAAURGH. An entire SLEEVE, which is misery anyway, down the tubes. Blech. Naturally, I ripped it out and am now 4 inches into the second sleeve. Except that it's really the first sleeve.

Kill me now.

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Debi said...

I feel your pain Jenny...I'm knitting a really complicated sock and it took me to past the gusset to decide it's too small! Yeah, I just feel like knitting MORE of those annoying teenie cables :(

Must be a full moon or something :)