But Who Cares?!?!? I've Got An FO!!!

Birch is DONE! WOOHOO!!!! My Mom is so in love with this shawl I thought she should model it for you- see what a versatile knit this is!

Yes, my Mom is as big a ham as I am.

This was a great project- I'm contemplating making another. The finished product is HUGE, big enough to wrap around for a really cozy effect.

I made a major mistake over and over again in the first five rows, but fortunately you can't tell at all. I use stitch markers to set off each pattern repeat. The Birch repeat is offset by one stitch every 8 rows. I didn't realize I needed to move my stitch markers over 1 until I got to the fifth pattern repeat, so the whole first five rows are off by one. OH WELL. I was really worried it would be a hideous, glaring error, but it truly is invisible.

I highly, highly recommend this project.


Birch, from Rowan 34
Kidsilk Haze
Brittany Birch needles, size 8.

I started this sometime in January? I think? Really ought to keep better track of this stuff!


Beverly said...

You may need to make another so you and your mom each have one! It is beautiful, and your mom looks so lovely modeling it.

Ramona said...

it's absolutely gorgeous!

strangelittlemama said...

It's gorgeous, as is your mom! She looks sooooo happy!

Maeve said...

WOW - so beautiful! :)

Allena said...

your shawl is beautiful and so is your mom! i like it tied around the waist! looking good

jeannie said...

That is truly lovely. How proud your mom is, too! Whew! You really knit that fast. Now I'm going to have to try one - um, erm, after the Paisley Shawl that is. : )