Current Knitting Status

Since I've got legal deadlines out the wazoo (trial at work, opinion for the judge, law review/writing requirement deadline/health law exam/etc etc etc) right now, I'm naturally thinking a WHOLE LOT about knitting.

Current Project Status:
Only two things on the needles.

Birch, from Rowan 34, in KidSilk Haze color 592, a lovely blue.

Only 5 pattern repeats to go! (Started off with 30!) I did make some major mistakes, but I'll save the post-mortem until it's finished.

Socks. Jaywalkers to be precise, out of my much beloved Vesper Sock Yarn in color Sweetwater. (I have 2 more skiens waiting for me. WHEE!!!)

Alas and alack, these don't fit. Can't even get the *@&#@!% sock over my heel. So, they're for a dear friend who looooves socks and whose feet are very small compared to mine. This is the first sock, so obviously, it'll be a while before she gets these. Yay- wool socks just in time for summer!


Scoutj said...

Wow, Birch is beautiful. I just don't think I could ever have the patience do knit something like that. I'm Instant Gratification Girl! I'm also Girl who has two kids running around who can't concentrate on a pattern too.

Jaywalkers.....wanna join team Jaywalcoholic? Sorry they don't fit. Super frustrating!

meg said...

I almost bought KSH the other day, but controled myself. It wasn't easy, though!

The sister cardi is coming along nicely when I am not trying to screw it up.