The end of an era?

Remember yesterday when I posted about how much knititng I'm getting done without a pesky job to get in my way?

Well. This era of extreme knitting productivity appears to be at an end already- I start a part time job doing legal research for a small firm on MONDAY. It's a great opportunity to get my feet wet with a local firm and to start learning Texas law without committing to a full time gig just yet. Even though this position could potentailly become a full time lawyer job, I plan to continue the networking I've started so I can develop a better understanding of who's who in this town's crowded legal market. It never hurts to get to know people in your field, especially when you don't have many contacts in a new town!

I'm excited, nervous, and a little disappointed that my leisurely days are over. But I know it's time for me to get started and I'm looking forward to the challenges down the road.

My only question is- what should I wear?!?!?

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Lucky's mom said...

Congratulations on getting a new job! Sorry about the lack of knitting time - I, too, experienced grief after the summer ended and I was no longer able to crank out socks in days. Such is life. Enjoy your work!