RIP, Onde Tank

I pulled this lovely out of the trunk of my car yesterday*:

Yep, that's my hideous tank top made out of the Phildar Phil'Onde yarn that was all the rage back in 2004. This may have been the first garment I ever knit, and it shows. I recognized last spring that this tank just didn't work, but didn't rip it out for some reason.

Yesterday I got a bee in my bonnet about this thing and ripped it out. I think I'm going to turn it in to a birthday present/summer sweater of some kind for my niece, who will be three years old in May.

It felt really good to rip this thing out.....

*I'm not sure how this ended up in my trunk- I think I was trying to leave it in my Mom's garage when I moved back to Austin in May, but she must have stuck it in the trunk right before I pulled out.

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