Ravelympics, and another challenge

Well, I didn't make it to my 17 inches yesterday.  I did make it to 15.25, which is still pretty good.  We're going to a concert tonight so I don't know how much knitting time I'll get in before we go.  Hopefully about an hour? 

I've decided to add a challenge to my February and into March- revamping the old diet.  I gained around 40 pounds after our wedding, hovered there for a year and a half, and have lost about 10 pounds.  I am still technically obese.  My recent blood work indicates that while my blood sugar levels are technically normal, they're higher than they should be.  I do not want to end up with diabetes.  I do not want to suffer the adverse health effects associated with obesity.  I do not want to have foot and back pain any more. It is time to shape up, literally and figuratively!

Today is Shrove Tuesday/Fat Tuesday/Mardi Gras, and tomorrow begins the season of Lent.  While I am not as religious as I once was, I love the discipline of Lent. 

So, in observance of Lent, I am giving up refined carbs and sugar for the next 40 days (until Easter).  I plan to follow a sort of Atkins/South Beach/low-glycemic index- type plan by almost eliminating refined carbs for the first two weeks, and possibly adding in fruit or whole grains a couple times a week after that.  I'm also going to attempt to limit dairy, though not eliminate it completely.  This leaves me free to enjoy lean protein and a vast array of fresh veggies. I've found that this type of eating is good for my weight, allows me to feel satisfied, helps get my blood sugar/cholesterol in better shape, and gives me lots of energy.  The first couple days are rough as I get over the sugar withdrawals, but I hope to be back on track by Monday.

I don't foresee any interference with the Ravelympics- knitting is not like a marathon that requires major carb-loading, much to my chagrin. :-)


CC said...

How's the low glycemic fun times going? I forgot to ask last time we walked :)

Jenny said...

Ok. I'm eating less sugar than I was before, which is good!