Crazy busy

But not with knitting!

Wedding stuff seems never ending, but we're getting there! In the last week my dress arrived (and fits perfectly! woot!), we got our marriage license, met with the flower lady and the church coordinator, had another appointment with the Priest, all the attendants got their dresses, mailed invitations, started getting shower invitations, ordered a veil, shoes, garter, hair pins, scheduled hair and makeup appointments, booked a 1957 Chevy Imperial limo to transport us, met with the caterer and the liquor vendor, helped mom pick a swatch for her dress, visited the reception site to figure out party layout, bought a white purse, and took care of shower attire. Whew! I don't even want to think about all the undone things I don't know to think about yet.

Law school is slow this semester, for a change, but of course the little work I do have seems to all be due on Monday.

This leaves woefully little time for knitting. I'm still working on the cherry scarf for mom, and am also working on some replacement wrist warmers for her (the cashmerino ones were lost in this year's holiday madness). The Tuesday night ladies are working on some really fabulous socks, which makes me want to cast on for some really fabulous socks.... next year?

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Rebecca said...

Hang in there... Not long to go now!