I'm horribly.... weird

SHOOT. I am such a horrible blogger that I JUST REALIZED TODAY that fabulous Rebecca tagged me for the six weird things meme on FEBRUARY 26! Sorry Rebecca... You know what a disaster I am these days. :-)

  1. I get the hiccups any time I get a chill. A breeze in the summer, air conditioning, opening the window in winter.... All cause me to get the hiccups. Violent hiccups. Embarrassingly loud and squeaky hiccups. Been this way since birth.
  2. I swallow loudly. I don't know what it is, but every time I take a sip, I make a gulping sound. Courtney can hear it when we're on the phone, and he always teases me about it. Apparently I did the same thing as an infant while nursing- my Mom would be on the phone with a friend who couldn't stop herself from asking, "WHAT IS THAT NOISE?"
  3. Like Rebecca, I used to be a band geek. My Mom was a piano teacher when she was younger, so all three of us kids started off on the piano. I switched to flute in 4th grade when we were allowed to join the band. I went to a music camp every summer (yay Hummingbird Music Camp!) and was even a head counselor for two summers. Best job I ever had.
  4. I love yarn, but I have a very hard time buying it when I'm by myself. I can wander around Village Wools all day without so much as a flicker of temptation--so long as I'm by myself. Same thing at Hill Country Weavers in Austin- I was there last week with a $50 gift certificate burning a hole in my pocket, but I couldn't commit. Nada. Now send me out into the yarny world with Meg, and it's a whole different story. I had a a little sock yarn incident in Massachusetts last October, and we all remember how bad at Taos in 2005. It took two trips to the Fiber Arts Fiesta in 2005 for me to succomb, but I was with Meg when it happened. I know who NOT to go yarn shopping with when I'm on a yarn diet!!! :-)
  5. I have the song "I've Got The Sun In The Morning (and The Moon At Night)" from Annie Get Your Gun stuck in my head. It's been there since Monday night. Aurgh. I grew up doing musical theater with a local children's acting school. Was in Gypsy, The Wizard of Oz, The King and I, and at least one or two others that I can't remember right now.
  6. In spite of the fact that I come across as really outgoing (sometimes loudly and obnoxiously so), I am actually fairly shy. I get nervous around new people and have to try really hard to make myself go beyond my comfort zone to introduce myself or strike up a conversation. Those of you who know me will probably laugh at this because I don't think I come across as shy at all, but it's true!

So there you have it, six weird things about me. Now I'm tagging Meg!


meg said...

I am such an enabler, it is TRUE!

Rebecca said...

I realised after I tagged you that you were probably a little snowed under - sorry (but it's cool that you played the flute too)!