My Stash Overfloweth....

When I got married and moved in with my hubby, my goal was simple and achievable:

KEEP MY YARN STASH SMALL ENOUGH THAT IT WILL FIT IN MY MOTHER'S HOPE CHEST. (A large cedar-lined chest that should be large enough to store any reasonably sized stash).

Hardy har har har.

It was all fine, really, until my friend B started showing up with thrift yarn. She found FIVE SWEATERS' WORTH OF WOOL at Goodwill for a grand total of $10. This haul included:

Eighteen balls (1650 yards) of Jacques Fonty Tweed Aran

Ten balls (1300 yards) of Emu Superwash DK

Twenty balls (2740 yards!!!) of Emu Naturally DK

and Ten balls (1370 yards) of similar but slightly darker Emu Naturally DK

YEAH. A lot of nice wool.

THEN, a couple weeks ago, she showed up one Saturday afternoon with a FAB-YOU-LUSS score: Eight balls of Rowan Calmer in pale pink and ten balls of Louisa Harding Grace (50/50 Wool/Silk Yumm) that she scored for EIGHT DOLLARS at a garage sale.

That's a grand total of SEVEN sweaters' worth of yarn, two sweaters' worth of high-end current yarn, for $18.

Meg, you have mad thrifting skilz, but I think the gauntlet has been thrown. :-)

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