Oh Thank Heaven.


Yesterday’s high was a freakishly low 79 degrees (average for this time of year is 90 degrees). We slept with the windows open and the air conditioning off for the first time since early May, and it was heavenly. We’ll be back in the low 90s by the end of the week, but even that is welcome relief from this summer’s massive heat. I can finally be outside without wanting to die immediately.

You may think I’m kidding, but this has been a very hot summer. Austin had 49 days of triple digit days- that’s 100 degrees or higher. The heat came early and stayed late. I’m serious when I say 95 is a relief.

The weather has such a profound effect on me. I’m a winter person. I was born in December and grew up in the mountains. Snow skiing is my all time favorite activity. I love Christmas, and sweaters, and warm foods and hanging out around a fireplace. I joke about getting reverse seasonal depression here, but it is true. March brings a sense of doom about the upcoming extended heat. August is always miserably hot, but somehow made bearable- it usually occurs to me a week before Labor Day that we have at most six more weeks of super heat and then things will cool down.

Labor Day signals fall, even though fall won’t truly arrive here for several more weeks. My parents were from Michigan, where Labor Day means pulling boats out of the lake, back to school, and cooler weather. I realize how silly this inherited clock is down here, but I am nevertheless impacted by it.

Our cooler temperatures make me feel lucky to live here. We have several months a year of perfect outdoor activity weather- those months just happen to flank summer, not embrace summer. I do miss winter, though.

While the summer heat zaps every ounce of energy, the recent dip in temperatures brings new energy. I’m toying with the idea of blogging regularly again. The last two weeks have also made me itchy for knitting. I have several sweater projects competing for an actual cast on. I have spent a significant amount time trolling Ravelry for inspiration. I have also stocked up on sweater-quantities of wool (oops!)

Here are some of the things I’ve finished since last we spoke:

Several squares for my Mitered Square Afghan:

A pair of cashmere socks (Nancy Bush’s Conwy out of HipKnits Cashmere purchased while I was in London) that were a birthday gift for Meg:

A razor shell neckwarmer out of single-ply Victory Ranch Alpaca:

Next time: WIPs and stash enhancement.

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meg_knits said...

Oh Girly! I am so glad that you got a freakishly fall day finally! Fall makes me think of that wonderful weekend we had at the Taos Sheep & Wool festival in 2005 - a lovely cold morning in October.

Your mitres look so lovely!