A Very Happy New Year Indeed

2007 was quite a year- it included:
1. A new job for Mr. C.
2. Knee surgery for Mr. C.
3. Our wedding.
4. The end of law school.
5. A honemoon in Tahiti.
6. A move to Austin.
7. Studying for, taking, and passing the Texas Bar Exam.
8. Getting stung by a sting ray (not on the honeymoon....)
9. Adjusting to married life.
10. A trip to New York.
11. A trip to Florida.
12. Two trips to New Mexico.
13. Two trips to Arkansas.
14. A new job for ME!

Yes, I found out on December 20 that I will have gainful employment as an attorney in 2008. I start January 14- woohoo!

While 2007 was really amazing, it was also exhausting and brought a ton of changes for me individually and for us as a couple.

I hope 2008 will be a year of routine- settling into a daily routine with Mr. C, settling into a daily routine at work, getting back into the eating reasonably/working out regularly/reading more habits.

I haven't really fleshed out resolutions this year- I have more general goals, which include:
1. Getting healthy- eating lower fat/lower refined sugars, exercising 3 times per week for at least 45 minutes each time, drinking 8 glasses of water each day.
2. Cooking more- making one new recipe per week, cooking from at least 26 of my cookbooks this year (I have a massive cookbook collection).
3. Reading at least 6 fiction books- it was easy to skip this in law school, but I love to read and want to get back into literature.
4. Posting to the blog at least twice per week.

I hope your New Year's Day was filled with as much gratitude for 2007 and hope for 2008 as mine was- here's to a great new year!


Debi said...

Happy New Year Jenny! Congrats on the new job! Now let's see some beautiful socks with all that new sock yarn :)

meg_knits said...

I am so happy for you moving on to a MUCH better work environment. (Hopefully with your own workspace!)

I resolve to call you at LEAST twice a month. And there are a whole bunch of knitting resolutions too, but honestly. First things first!

Happy New Year, Jenny. I hope we both have stable, slightly boring, 2008s.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the new job--and getting healthy! Here's to realistic resolutions!

- MJ