Another tank down!

This is a wacky picture- don't know why, but the only decent lighting I could find last night was in my bathroom! I can't seem to get a picture that looks normal in the "boobal" area. LOL. I bought a bunch of new brassieres this weekend, and I guess I'm just not used to looking so... whatever that is. I took 6 pictures and I look either drunk, depressed, or like I'm sticking my chest way out, so this is the best of the lot. I blame the heat and humidity.

Anyway, thoughts on the tank. This was my first Rowan pattern, and I am really impressed. I like the way they did the decreases for waist shaping (exact opposite of the Berocco Lilith pattern I used for my Phildar Onde...Rowan did a K3, K2tog...SSK, K3... Berocco did a K2, SSK...K2tog, K2.)It fits really well. I think the tank is kinda boring looking, but that's ok- it was designed to be a plain tank.

This was also my first attempt at mattress stitch, and I think it went really well. I used Debbie Stoller's "Stitch N Bitch" and Nancie Wiseman's "Knitter's Book of Finishing Techniques" as references. Nacie Wiseman has you go under one horizontal bar and calls this a "woven seam", wheras Debbie Stoller has you go under two horizontal bars, and calls it "mattress stitch." Anyone know which is the more common way to go? One bar or two? I used two. Went faster.

The color... I love the Lion Brand Cotton Ease, but Pistachio is precisely the same shade of green as mint chocolate chip ice cream. I don't know WHAT I was thinking when I picked it out. I do like it, it's just .... BOLD.

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