I LOVE the internet!

We are so lucky to have the internet as a resource! I'm sure I would have thrown down my knitting needles in frustration long ago if it weren't for the incredible wealth of information and inspiration available on the web.

A prime example of this is Bonne Marie... Not only does she produce really cool patterns, and provide incredibly helpful technical resources, she is totally approachable, really friendly, and just down right stylish! We've exchanged a couple e-mails about my Onde tank this week and I am just so grateful for her advice and insight.

I subscribe to about a hundred and thirty knit blogs. (Not to mention a bunch of law blawgs and some cooking blogs... Good grief- no WONDER I never get anything done!) I'd love to do a "Jenny's top 10 Knitblogs" list, but honestly, I love all of them! Each person has such a unique voice, such personalized taste, such different perspectives. I love that we're all here plugging along and sharing our passion for this wonderful hobby and art!

Anyway, enough of that. I'm plugging away on the Alhambra sock. Less than one pattern repeat away from starting the heel.

I also washed the Onde tank per the ball band instructions. WARNING: if you're working with this yarn, it will shrink. The waist is now shorter but it fits pretty well. I think I'm going to get cracking on Bonne-Marie's suggestion of a knit ribbon to sew in on the wrong side of he bottom hem.... See if that will stop the rolling! The Onde tank was my first garment, and the first time I fudged a pattern for gauge stuff, so I feel pretty lucky that it wasn't an unmitigated disaster. Onward and upward!

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