Not very exciting ones, but pictures nonetheless!

The Alhambra sock is moving right along. I messed up the first lace repeat that happens as the same time as the heel gusset. I did an extra 4 rows. Oh well! I'm not ripping because (1) this is a sock, it will be worn under pants with shoes that probably cover that area anyway (2) it's dark colored yarn, and (3) I just don't feel like it. Yes, I ripped Pagan repeatedly, but those errors were seriously affecting the construction of the garment, and they would have been blatantly obvious.

Next up is my Afghanalong square... Yeah, it needs some blocking. I used one of the cable patterns from Leslie Stanfield's New Knitting Stitch Library. I really liked the Debbie Bliss Cotton Cashmere, but the yarn is not wound very tightly, so it splits a lot. There's a great review of the yarn at The Knitter's Review (a phenomenal resource, if you're not familiar!) I made a big fat mistake on this square- the center set of cables- I crossed the third cable of the set 2 rows early. Oh well! I did learn a lot about cabling with this little project, which was the goal.

I am growing weak in the knees over Audrey. Hmmmmm.....

Anyway, in other news, I had some great friends over for dinner last night. I made my Mom's Margarita Steak, and we had sangria, spicy cole slaw, and divine grilled fruit. Quite the meal. I'm a tidge hungover today, which is not so fun. But last night was a blast, and the last time I'll host this group at my house. Sigh. This is the part of leaving town that I'm NOT looking forward to. I'll just console myself with the fact that I only have 3.5 more days at work! Speaking of which, I'd better get to it...

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