Light knitting...

I had a delightful weekend. I got to spend a good portion of Saturday out on the lake with some boat owning friends. It was probably the last lake day for all of us- they're moving away to go to grad school (and getting married) and I'm moving away to go to law school. Got just sunburned enough, but not too much. :-)

I am cranking on the Alhambra sock- turned the heel and am about halfway through the gusset decreases. The heel on this pattern is a "slip stitch heel". It was really hard for me to visualize how to turn the heel, but the instructions are crystal clear on what to do. This is a really well written pattern- very little room for confusion so far. Link to the free pattern is in my links on the left...

I also completed a square for the Mason Dixon Knitting Afghans for Afghans program. I did it in the one ball of Debbie Bliss Cotton Cashmere I bought to play around with, and I did a cabled thing- my first cables! Pictures tomorrow, I promise.

This Friday is my last day of work- hallelujah! Posting after Friday will be light, as I'll have irregular access to a computer. But I'll check in when I can!

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