Knitting restlessness...

I have no significant projects on the needles. In fact, the only thing that is ACTUALLY ON needles is the sock... I have one square for the mitred rug finished and I cannot bring myself to start the next square. $35 worth of kitchen cotton, taunting me. Sigh.

SOOOO I'm on eBay! Won 2 balls of nifty cotton blend sock yarn that even with shipping cost LESS than 2 balls of the same yarn purchased at my LYS. I'm stalking Rowan Calmer auctions in hopes of snagging a bargain on yarn for Audrey. Scouring elann.com for alternatives to Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Super Chunky to make Travelling Rib (scroll down) into a cardigan- wouldn't that be divine?- without having to sell my firstborn child. Also stalking eBay for Debbie Bliss Cotton Cashmere for the classic jacket.

Reality is, I'm going to have precious little knitting time for the rest of June. And I have yarn I need to use or ditch between now and then. AND my Mom scored a garbage bag or two of immaculate wools- some purchased, some handspun- at an estate sale of a woman who was a FIBER FREAK. So it's not like I NEED yarn, or a new project... Sigh.

In other news, I've gotten lots of comments on my Charlotte. A woman stopped me in Taco Bell to admire it today- apparently she's in to crochet and just knew my shawl was handmade. Very cool. The great thing about the colors I picked is that because EVERY color is present SOMEWHERE in the shawl, it goes with EVERYTHING. Olive green. Hot pink. Blue. Khaki. Orange. Green. Lovely lovely lovely.

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