I have a confession to make. I have spent the last three weeks completely obsessed with the four Twilight vampire books. Please don't think any less of me- I simply wanted to know what the kids are up to these days. :-)

I started Twilight on December 20th, and finished Breaking Dawn a few hours ago. For those of you keeping score at home, that's 2,548 pages of teenage vampire and werewolf insanity in 18 days.

One of my coworkers has four kids (boys and girls) in middle school/high school, and they are all reading the books. This coworker was reading the books, too, and we've talked at length about her impressions. She felt like Edward (the vampire) was a great role model for how men should behave in relationships- took things very slow physically, very concerned for Bella (teenage heroine) and her safety, old-fashioned, etc. I can sort of see her point, but I hope my hypothetical children don't ever tell me that they hope to grow up to be just like Edward or Bella....

Edward was, for most of the story, an over-protective, jealous, domineering mysoginist. He treated Bella as if she was a petulant toddler, incapable of basic human functions. Bella didn't help the situation- I was frequently frustrated by her portrayal as an overly emotional, ditzy, whiny, clumsy, out of control basketcase.

The first book was a bit boring, but I kept on reading. The second book was better, despite way too much time on Bella's heartbreak. I really enjoyed the third book, and I couldn't put the fourth book down- absolutely insane.

If you're looking for a good romp, you might consider the Twilight books. It's not great literature by any stretch, and I don't have vampire fever, but I must say I have enjoyed myself. I'm curious to know your thoughts.


Beverly said...

My sister loaned me Twilight, but I put it down quickly. I may try again...as you say, to know what the kids are reading!!

meg_knits said...

If anything will get me to read the Twilight series it would be a really long beach vacation. After working at the library and watching the waiting list for the books climb over 500 I decided, eh, I can wait!

Allena said...

i agree it's agread junk food read! and really takes you in and gets you obsessed!