Now THAT's progress.

Alas, no pictures.
I picked up my dreaded sleeves last Thursday and lo! it was time to start the cap shaping! I finished them Friday night and sewed them on Thursday. I'll be damned if the sweater doesn't fit. I'm THRILLED. Now I just have to knit all the seed stitch trim (I'm about halfway done with the waist...) and weave in a bunch of ends- my goal for knit night tonight.

School is good. I did REALLY well on my second memo- woohoo! In a fit of insanity I decided to apply for Moot Court as a 1L (apparently, it's a 2L or even 3L thing here...) I was wiped out yesterday but got my brief turned in, and am now trying to put together an oral argument for Thursday. I'll need to field questions, which is very intimidating. Ah well.

Had dinner last night with M last night at Orchid, a great Thai place. Mmmmm. Green curry with shrimp! I will definitely go back....

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