What a week!

I am SO GLAD next week is fall break. All I have to do between now and Wednesday morning is:
- study for and take 3 midterms
- write a 12 page legal memo analyzing 12 cases
- research and write up another legal writing piece
- do 4 pages of citation exercises
- read 150 pages for class.

EASY PEASY, I tell ya! not...

I know this is random, but I'm telling you now that I have been a very judgmental person this week. I have no patience for idiots or people who act like children.

Today has been very weird. Turns out the police found a body an apartment in the small complex NEXT DOOR to my house. Next door. Scary. I pulled out of the garage to go to a Dr's appointment and I almost couldn't get out because the alley was filled with 5 police cars, the crime investigator van, the mobile "major crime scene" lab RV, and 2 news trucks. Just saw the story on the evening news... Turns out this guy lived there, walked in front of the apartments at midnight last night and stabbed someone in the neck, then robbed the 7-11 around the corner. The stabbing victim called police with the man's name and address. When the police came to the apartment, they found a dead woman's body. Apparently they had been there before on a domestic violence call...
Then, this afternoon I was driving home and saw HUGE plumes of smoke around the Menaul/University area... turns out there was a huge fire at the Little Anita's there... Roof collapsed, building is totalled. It was pretty surreal.

Anyway, I feel like not leaving my house! Except that we're going to the Balloon Fiesta tomorrow. YAY!

I also had a little cash influx so I treated myself to Pam Allen's new book, "Scarf Style." It has some neat projects and neat ideas. I feel like my knitting time is so limited right now that, once the biker jacket is done, I should focus on smaller projects. I think I'll flip through the book a few more times before starting a project. I have a ton of random yarn- various skins, different colors and gauges... scarves would be a good way to use some of it up...

Anyway, crazy day. I'm glad it's over. Going to bed now so I can get up at the crack of dawn to go see some balloons!

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