so sad...

I had to miss knit night tonight because I'm a major slacker. I have procrastinated so much on my 3 writing assignments due tomorrow. Sigh.

My memo is largely done- just need to write up the conclusion then edit. I want to spend some time reviewing this memo with my previous memo in hand so I can specifically fix the areas where I missed points last time. I wish I had gotten this done in time to trade with someone else for a quick once over sanity check. Alas. Alack.

I still have to do the cite exercise, a self-edit assignment, and write up a small research exercise. Another long night.

But THEN, tomorrow afternoon is the start of fall break! YIPPEEEEE! I'm going to be busy helping my Mom get ready to move, but I'm sure I can squeeze in some knitting time. And my packages of goodies should all start arriving soon. I think I'm going to try to head up to Santa Fe on Thursday to go to The Needle's Eye to pick up some Rowan KidSilk Haze for the Loopy and Lucsious. Needle's Eye a great little yarn store with good selection. It's incredibly well organized. Village Wools here in Albuquerque is fine, but they don't have many interesting yarns- lots of small guage wools.

I saw a girl today walking across main campus wearing a scarf made out of the "Squiggle" yarn. It was really freakin cute. Maybe I'll get some of that for myself... Hmmmm. MORE YARN! Just what I need!!!!!!!

Dinner tonight was really good. I made butternut squash risotto. Took forever, but man did it taste good. Yum. Leftovers, too.

Anyway, enough randomness for now. I promise photos of yarn and reviews of books as they arrive (oh yeah, I bought 2 knitting books on amazon... did I mention that already?)


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