Nuthin but socks.

I am a sockaholic right now. I know, a picture is worth a thousand words. Unless you're on a dialup connection.

So, I joined the 6 Sox Knitalong a few... months?... ago. Button/link to the left. And this week, in my memo manic moment, cast on for 2 pairs- one of the "making waves" in my hot pink and yellow Lorna's Laces, and one of the "fluted bannister" in a manly-toned sockotta.

I was really nervous that, like my previous attempts with the loud loud Lorna's yarn, I would hate the result. My other try looked like TV static in neon colors- not good. I realized that working on size 2s or 3s was producing a fabric I really didn't like- LOVE the look produced by size 1s. The Making Waves pattern is also perfect for this yarn. It uses cabling to create a really wavy diagonal look- quite cool. Anyway, it breaks up the TV-static like appearance and gives the skinny stripes great character. (Note: I just tried to take a picture but the color defies capturing- it looks like neon TV static.) Trust me- these socks will be great.

Just realized- both M is doing cables, too... Must be something in the water. I hope it's not related to her recent spate of pregnant friends...

I am in luuuuuurv with the fluted bannister socks. I'm making them for the Texas beau. This pattern looks so cool when completed. It's really, really, really easy to memorize, too, which is great. I also love that I can tell exactly where I left off without much pain just by reading the stitches. (Dang, someone, somewhere in blogland had an AWESOME post on this way back when. I want to say it was Yarn Harlot, but I can't seem to find the post....) Basically, by looking at which way the stitches are positioned on the needle, I can tell which row I'm supposed to be doing. It's pretty cool! I'm totally not explaining this well! Point is, this is good knitting for me right now because I can put it down and pick it back up without a hassle, I don't need to carry a pattern with me, it's really easy to do while focusing on something else, and the result looks pretty dang spiffy.

Some sock thoughts.
WOW, I bought a set of Crystal Palace bamboo DPNs- 6" length and I LOVE them. I was using 7" or 8" Clover bamboo needles before. The Crystal Palace needles have nice pointy tips, which makes working stitches in this insanely small gauge rather pleasant. Also, the 6" length makes working the sock way easier as there is a lot less needle to push through the stitches- the needles just sit in my hands much more comfortably, and switching between needles is much easier.

Another thing... I don't know what happened, but I am not having issues with ladders forming at the DPN joins... I used to have MAJOR trouble with this, and I can't figure out what changed. I'd say it was the shorter needles, but I'm using the older longer ones on the Lorna's socks and there are no ladders.... Hmmmm.

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Can you teach me how to make socks?? I wanna learn!