There are LOTS of 1Ls or others looking for information about how to write a legal memo. More people, at any rate, than are interested in knitting. Sigh.

All of you people looking for memo writing tips- SORRY! You will probably be very disappointed by what I have to say on the topic. In case you haven't noticed, this is primarily a knitting blog.

Anyway, knit night tonight was good.

I am now nervously watching election returns while pretending to research for my... legal memo!

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The Frog said...

Wow! Another law student obsessed with knitting!!! I'm doing a night school program in California that takes four years. I'm in my third year. I work and intern during the day and go to law school three nights a week. But enough law talk... back to the knitting - can I post a link to your site on my blog? How long have you been knitting?