Um... I bought more yarn yesterday.

Yep, a little consolation stash enhancement.

I decided that 1 ball of the squiggle and oceana whatever stuff was enough for my scarf, so I returned the second balls of each for a $20 credit. With that credit, and some minor additional cash outlay, I bought 2 balls of Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran in off-white to make a cherry scarf for ME and 2 balls of pink Belangor Angora to make the Angora babie booties from "Last Minute Knitted Gifts." The booties are freakin adroable. I'm also making a bonnet with bunny ears attached lined with the pink angora. That's my plan, anyway.
So, 2 balls of cashmerino and 2 balls of Belangor, minus a $20 credit. Not TOO bad, considering that it was the day after the election. I didn't even eat everything in sight, either. So there.

I finished the waist band for my Biker Jacket while watching election returns and am about to cast on for the neck band.

I do have a real, legitimate FO, though- I finished the Squiggle scarf last night!!! I need to pick the wormies out of the knit fabric and weave in ends... Plan to wear it tomorrow.

Yes, I recognize that I am now WAY past due on some photos... Perhaps tomorrow?

And now for an off-topic rant.

WHY, oh WHY is Christmas stuff up already? It's hardly past Halloween! I am offended that eBay has already broken out the Christmas decor. I am offended that Starbucks has already started with the holiday cups and the Peppermint Lattes. (Which I LOVE, for the record).

Christmas, in my mind, is wonderful because it is over the top and outrageous. Decoration, food, cheer, magic... All good things. But these things are special because they occur for 3 weeks of the year in December. Starting Christmas in mid-October makes the whole affair tiresome and boring.

So bah humbug!

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Anonymous said...

Holy Crap, that cherry scarf is SO cute!