Done with the stinky memo. Now the last push through finals. Yikes.

I missed knit night last night, and what a night to miss! M got some buttons from a fellow knit groupie. The groupie's sister has one of the best jobs on earth- apparently she gets to go into fabulous old houses in and around Chicago scouring for cool fixtures. She then rescues the fixtures for resale. The sister also scored the buttons that were shared at knit night last night.

No zipper on the Biker Jacket yet. The LYS is going to charge me $60 to put one in, and the woman sounded unsure if she could even do it. WHATEVER! I'll do my own hack job for free rather than let them mess up my sweater. My family friend who used to own a yarn store is apparently retired from finishing as well as feeding knitting habits.

I've started another pair of socks, this time for the Texas Beau for Christmas. He liked my rainbow socks so much it was a little startling...

I'm also taking M's suggestion of hitting an LYS while I'm up in Santa Fe on Friday morning for a few more balls of DB Cashmerino for my cherry scarf.

Mom and I went to TJ Maxx today and she bought me two killer sweaters. Alas, my birthday is in a few weeks so the sweaters are languishing in her closet until then. One is an offwhite fitted zippered cardigan with really, really cool flared cuffs. The other is my favorite- a blood red 100% cashmere cardigan with an asymetrical zipper. It is way cute, and VERY CUDDLY. I think I will live in this sweater.

Anyway, I am obviously feeling a bit more like my self now that this blasted memo is done. YAY!

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