What is it about me and socks right now? SHEESH. The desire to knit socks kicked in right after the election and still has me firmly in its grip.

Last week the Yarn Harlot wrote a tribute to Nancy Bush. Since I am a Harlot-wannabe, I dragged out my copy of Folk Solks after reading the Harlot gush over gussets.

You know what? She's right. I DO want to call the Harlot up to have a deep, meaningful conversation about gussets!

Anyway, I read through all the history and technical info in the book and am even more enamored with simple handknit footwear than I was before. I want to knit socks forever!

I'm waiting for the sock fever to pass.

Yes, I am still procrastinating on my homework. You are so lucky I have blooger. Otherwise, I'd be a straight-A student and you'd never hear from me.

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kmckiernan said...

Wow your socks are so awesome! I love the bright colors!