Back from the not so frozen north!

Hey! I'm back from Michigan, which, like New Mexico, is experiencing a warmer than normal winter. My Mom grew up in Michigan, right on Pontiac Lake, and she was shocked to see that there wasn't a single lake that was completely frozen over... Normally the lakes are so frozen that people can drive cars across them. Global warming, anyone?

The wedding was a riot. More later- I took a ton of pictures that I'm in the process of posting. I loved seeing my family. It's a shame we're all so far apart.

I also, courtesy of several hours on planes and in airports, finished the cabled socks! They're generally pretty good- fit is about right, maybe a tidge big. BUT, that one pointy toe is REALLY ANNOYING. Not sure if it's so annoying that I'll try to cut and kitchener, or steek and cut, or something else drastic, but it is a very visible flaw in an otherwise satisfying pair of tootsie warmers!

I'm behind on school work, so watch for an FO post and a wedding post later this week!

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jeannie said...

Try wearing & washing your socks a few times before you decide? They might snuggle up and mold to your feet. No re-do necessary?