This is going to be a GREAT semester....

I am super psyched about this semester. Here's what's on my plate:

Classes- only 3- YAY! And all are on Tuesday and Friday.

Water Law: The initial class reading was phenomenal- this class will probably be as much about Northern New Mexico's quirks and history as it is about water law. Water law is fascinating- the law itself is complicated, it's a VERY emotional subject in the desert southwest, water is intertwined with history, religion, sociology, it's totally policy-based, and it is a finite resource. The professor is supposed to be phenomenal, and I am really looking forward to this class.

Health Law: I had this professor for about half of my torts class, and he taught a few of my bioethics classes, and he is WONDERFUL. This class should be fascinating- mostly legal issues in health care (the class alternates between focusing on law one year and on policy in the other year).

Conflicts of Law: This will be my third class with this professor, who I adore. At first glance, the subject looks kind of straightforward- like stuff we've covered already in Civ Pro I and Civ Pro II. But, it is a major area of law, so I'm sure I'm missing something. I do wish this professor would teach a class that started at a time OTHER than 8:15 am- I am not exactly a morning person. Ah well.

Other: On Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday, I'll split my time between an externship and my job.

I've got an externship with a federal judge. This should rock. The law clerks are great, and my first assignment looks really interesting. I expect to learn a LOT- this judge has a reputation as one of the hardest working/most efficient/super intelligent judges in the state.

I'm also working for the same law firm I was with in the fall- love it. Love the work, love the people, love the environment, love that I know what to expect. There should be at least one trial this semester, which will be super fun to watch...

The only thing I'm not excited about is Law Review. It's a giant pile of baloney. Law Review looks great on my resume, but that is, in my ever so humble opinion, the end of its merits.


meg said...

Sounds like your schedule may have time for lunches! HURRAH!

Scoutj said...

So on Mondays you can come visit me at the shop! ;)

jen said...

The water rights law sounds cool -- we read an article about the various approaches to water rights and their origin for my 1L property class - it seems like a subject rife with interesting stories, which makes it much easier to learn!