Super Fun Day!

Meg and I met up for a sushi lunch on Saturday, then hit the yarn store. I DIDN'T BUY ANY YARN! WOOHOO! We got to meet the fabulous Scout,, and it was so cool! What a neat gal!

I did not escape the yarn store unscathed, but there was NO YARN PURCHASED. I got the new Vogue Knitting (sorry, but I didn't see anything I think I'll knit. Ah well.) AND a magnetic yarn and needles for the back of Lola, My Corolla. This is a much needed bit of personality for my very bland, but very reliable, vehicle. Also got a set of Brittany Birch straights to use on the Birch shawl... Birch on Birch! Woo hooo!

After absorbing the fibery goodness, I went and got my hairs cut. Baby, it was time. What do you think of my new do?

I LOVE it. The cut is really short, with lots of texture. Very sassy. I find that I tend to act out a bit with my hair when I am working in a very conservative environment. I whacked all my hair off when I worked for the Senator in Washington, DC, and the federal judge thing seems very similar... Gotta have some style, even if I'm wearing boring black suits every day!


jen said...

I love the new cut! So cute -- sassy is just the right word.

saucymomma said...

Haircut is darling. Love the blog too. I do not knit, but I am equally obsessed with needlepoint. If its not one thing its another, right.

I added you to my bookmarks. Glad you found my blog from Vicki!

Beverly said...

Great cut--so flattering and fun!

Rebecca said...

Love the new do! I'm planning on going short too... Just got to work up the courage!

Scoutj said...

ROWR! That looks damn hot! I really like it a lot.

Thanks again for stopping by and saying hi. Sorry the Vogue Knitting didn't pan out!

strangelittlemama said...

Your hairs are sassy & sexay!
You two need to come knit with is TONIGHT!!